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Capsicum red pigment

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Capsicum red pigment

Product name:Capsicum red pigment

Product description:
Capsicum red pigment extracted from the dry pepper is a kind of high-quality natural dye which has anticancer and cosmetic properties. First, Qiu North spicy was selected as the experimental objects by comparising the peel meal rate and relative amount of pigment of Fructus capsici, Qian chilli 2, and Qiu North spicy. Then, before extracting paprikadye, sodium hydroxide was used to eliminate the piquancy. Capsicum red pigment was extracted in Soxhlet extractor with 95% ethanol. The elution condition of column chromatographic separation was obtained by thin-layer chromatography, and the purity of capsicum red pigment was identified by methods of infrared spectrum. Finally,the color value of capsicum red pigment was determined by spectrophotometer with 460nm.

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