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Non GMO De-fatted Soya Flour (Un-Toasted)

Product Description:
Non  GMO  De-fatted  Soya  Flour (Un-Toasted)  is obtained  from  Non  GMO  Soya  beans  by  processing  it  through  various  stages  of cracking,  de-hulling,  flaking,  extracting,  de-solventizing  and  grinding  it,  in  a  pneumatic  mill,  to  requisite  particle  size, in  order  to  get  a  fine powder  of  white  to   creamy  colour. 
Non  GMO  De-fatted  Soya  Flour (Un-toasted)  is  used  in  manufacturing  of  Textured  Soya  Protein  (Soya  chunks/Soya  granules),  Cakes, Bakery  Goods,  Pasta,  Soups,   Sauces  &  Gravies,  In  Fortification  of  Cereals,  Sweet  Foods (Dough Nuts), Fried  Pie, Adhesive  Glue,  and  Dal  (lentils)  Analogue.
 25 Kg   Multi-Walled  Paper   Bags,   50 Kg  HDPE  bags  with  inner  Liner  of   LDPE,  500 Kg  Jumbo  Bags,  1MT (1000 Kg) Jumbo  bags  and   Container  Liner  Bags.

Non GMO De-fatted Soya Flour (Un-Toasted)

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