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Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active

Product Description:
Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active is the predominant active ingredient in bread formulations. Full fat is required with active enzmye lipoxigenase to produce peroxidase for improved whiteness. In combination with correct enzmye the soya fat is modified to act as a natural emulsifier and softener. It is the lowest cost natural bread improver available and is an essential base to formulations in modern breadbaking.
Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active prepared without heat treatment and has a high NSI value of around 80%. It is used in Bakery Products (white bread and rolls), mainly for its lipoxidase activity. Lipoxidase catalyses oxidative bleaching of carotenoid pigments, in wheat flour.  Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active is a valuable natural agent for bleaching flour, especially where the use of chemical bleaching agents have been prohibited. Lipoxidase activity is also beneficial to mechanical properties of dough. 
Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active retains the activity of the natural enzyme lipoxygenase, which is used as a bleaching agent in Bread. It bleaches wheat flour pigments to improve whiteness in Bread. When added into Flour Mixes and Baking Improvers, it helps in lightening the colour of the finished product. When used in Toast Rolls, Food Mixes, Nutrition Food and Baby Foods it Increases Protein Value, and Improves Mixing Tolerance. It also Extends Shelf Life, Oxidative Stability and acts as an emulsifier. 
25 Kg Multi-Walled Paper Bags, 50 Kg HDPE bags with inner Liner of LDPE, 500 Kg Jumbo Bags, 1 MT (1000 Kg) Jumbo bags and Container Liner Bags. 

Soya Flour Full Fat Enzyme Active

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