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Zinc Ascorbate

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Zinc Ascorbate

Product name:Zinc Ascorbate

Molecular Formula:C12H14ZnO12

Molar mass:415.39 g/mol

CAS No.:134343-96-7

Product Description:
Zinc is a component of the enzymes involved in most major metabolic pathways, and as such, is essential for human life. Large amounts of Zinc are deposited in bone and muscle, but unfortunately, these stores of Zinc are not easily available to the rest of the body. The human body’s pool of accessible Zinc is small and susceptible to rapid turnover----- deficiency signs appear quickly. Zinc deficiency has an immediate effect on cell growth and repair since it participates in over 80 enzymes and harmone functions, including many involved in gene expression.

Zinc Ascorbate is a natural gentle immune booster and represents "Optimal Nutritional" supplement of the vital micromineral Zinc. Zinc plays important roles in immunity, and various metabolic processes. Ascorbic acid’s immunomodulatory properties and use as immune stimulator is accentuated when used as Zinc Ascorbate due to the ready availability Zinc.

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