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Vitamin E

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Vitamin E

 Product name: Vitamin E

 Product description:

Vitamin E is one necessary composition of nutrient for human. In the food industry, it is principally applied in the antioxidant and additives of oil and food. In the medical field, it is raw material of medicine, therefore Vitamin E and linolenis acid cooperat to prevent and treat arteriosclerosis, hepatic adipose    infiltration and high cholesterol. Vitamin E can be used in cosmetics for postponement skin decrepitude, improving elasticity and recovery youthful vigor. Vitamin E can improve active quality of semen, which the sperm forming can be obstructed, therefore Vitamin E can treat sterility.

Natural Vitamin E appears yellowish brown transparent oil liquid. The biological activity of Natural Vitamin E is 3 times as much as synthetic Vitamin E. There is not only no any harm to human, but keep pure natural characteristics also. Natural Vitamin E has singular biological activity, rich nutrition and reliable safety. So Vitamin E has more and replaced synthetic Vitamin E.

Our product of Natural Vitamin E is recovered and refine from vegetable oil, that quality is stable and meets the standard of FCC.

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