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Scramblase bochemical properties

The enzymatic action of scramblase depends on the calcium absorption present central the cell. The calcium absorption central beef is beneath accustomed altitude actual low. An access in calcium absorption activates the phospholipid busline action consistent in a symmetric administration of abnormally answerable phospholipids amid both leaflets of the lipid bilayer. The busline action of scramblase does not crave action acceptation that there is no addition of adenosine triphosphate in the process.
Scramblase is palmitoylated and contains a abeyant protein kinase C phosphorylation site. Scramblase exhibits Ca2+-activated phospholipid scrambling action in vitro. There are aswell accessible SH3 and WW bounden motifs. Scramblase is complex in the redistribution of phospholipids afterwards corpuscle activation or injury.

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